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Are you thinking of creating your own business? Have you been running a small business with a physical store for years but don’t know how to attract more customers? Are you worried that you don’t have enough money to invest in really effective online advertising campaigns? Do you want to know all the options that are available to make yourself known? Then look no further, because throughout this article we will give you the answers to all these and many other questions about online advertising and how to get known without investing a dollar.

This statement may seem unrealistic, especially if you are an adult between 40 and 50 years old who has never used the Internet for your business, but the truth is that getting known through websites and online resources for free is feasible. Without going any further, the majority of new influencers in the virtual world, mostly young entrepreneurs who have been able to use social networks to gain followers from all over the world, use free resources to make themselves known, and do not invest any of their savings to continue growing online.

Of course, to generate traffic and make the main search engines place you among the first positions on the grid without having to pay for it, the first thing we will have to learn is to know where to look and to know perfectly which are the best online sites that can offer you quality advertising at zero cost. And that is precisely what we will help you do in this article, explaining in detail what are TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS to advertise your business for free.

Do you want to make your company known without having to invest a single dollar?

Keep reading and you’ll find out!



RANKED NUMBER 1 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS ODDLE. Is your business dedicated to offering some type of service to the consumer, such as gardening, life insurance, or professional cleaning for the home? Then don’t hesitate to use Oddle to launch it into success and get free ads quickly. Currently, this free ad publishing platform has more than 15 million registered users who enjoy all its advantages, making it the most important platform at the moment specializing in this type of service, so it is worthwhile for you to value the possibility of registering your company on it.

The main reason why Oddle is so famous is because of its direct connection to the main social networks, especially Facebook, making it possible for you to link all your social accounts to your advertising profile and for the platform to generate ads from it simultaneously every time you launch a new publication. Incredible, isn’t it? And free!

Besides, Oddle recently merged with the Advertigo platform, which is also dedicated to offering free advertising to all its users, so if you sign up for both accounts and link them, the digital reach of all your updates will be doubled. It’s worth a try, isn’t it?


RANKED NUMBER 2 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS GEEBO. Are you afraid to start working with unreliable websites and that someone might end up committing fraud through the data you give to this type of advertising pages? Then you should register with Geebo, the most prestigious and secure free advertising portal today. The creators of this site were very concerned about creating a reliable advertising community that would bring prestige to the industry and would scare off all possible fraudsters from trying to scam people through their free ads.

The drawback of so much security? The slowness. You may find it much more practical and quicker to share all your publications through other ad platforms that promise the same thing at a higher speed, but none of them will guarantee the security of Geebo. Moreover, apart from the time, it takes to load the ads, on this site all the people who look at your ads will know that your company is accredited and that all your services are worthy of their trust; which will make it much easier for them to decide to hire you and recommend your company to others.

On the other hand, in Geebo, you will not only be allowed to advertise your company’s services but also to publish new job offers and resumes to the applicants. So not only you will be able to gain new clients, but when you need it you will also be able to find new candidates to fill a job vacancy in your company. Last but not least, Geebo also has an option of direct linkage with social networks, being able to share your product catalog simultaneously and reach a lot of people without having to pay anything. And remember, everything is free! A real bargain!


RANKED NUMBER 3 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS EBAY. Who hasn’t heard of eBay? And who hasn’t sold or bought something through this platform? A lot of people, more than we could count. For that reason, Ebay could not be missing in our list of the best websites to advertise for free, because despite having a somewhat more limited level of security than other platforms, Ebay is known worldwide, working with more than 100 different countries and having much higher visibility and SEO ranking in major search engines such as Google.

For all this and due to its great power of attraction to all audiences, eBay could become a very good option to start improving the visibility of your business for free. Think about it!


RANKED NUMBER 4 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS HOOBLY. Having a greater presence in the United States, the Hoobly free advertising platform currently works with up to 30 different countries around the world, its main source of attraction being the sale and resale of office supplies. Therefore, if your idea was to get to sell material related to this sector quickly and with a reliable clientele, your best option to do so without investing anything initially is Hoobly.

Although, the platform also allows selling other types of products with the same efficiency, such as handcrafted products, vehicles, real estate, or jewelry, so it does not put any kind of limit to its sellers. Besides, to start selling through your page we will have to register and provide an email address online, which adds a layer of security to our account and will give us a plus of confidence and peace of mind to upload all our products.


RANKED NUMBER 5 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS GOOGLE SHOPPING. Until relatively recently, the only product lists that appeared by default in the Internet giant’s search results were those that had paid a previous subscription, which is fair and totally understandable but quite expensive. Now all this has changed, as the platform has allowed product lists to be created completely free of charge, allowing small businesses to showcase their products and compete against the main paid platforms.

The only drawback of deciding to place your ads through Google? That despite allowing you to advertise for free and appear organically in search engine results, Google will continue to give preference to paid ads. This will make paid ads always come out ahead of free ones, which may seem unfair compared to other platforms that offer equal opportunities, but if we take into account that Google shipping always offers the option to pay or not to advertise, that finally, they decide to give priority to whoever pays for it is the most logical and fairest thing for their most loyal customers.


RANKED NUMBER 6 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS SALES SPIDER. Despite not being very well known, being ranked 22,000th in Alexa’s raking of free advertising places, Sales Spider has managed to climb up the rankings and become one of the most important and profitable free advertising places at the moment. The platform will not only allow you to considerably increase your number of customers and your online sales but also to receive many more people in your physical store (if you have one) thanks to its geolocalization system.

At Sales Spider, there are currently large sales chains working with a lot of prestige, such as Walmart, so if you want to gain popularity, respect, and customers in equal parts for free, do not hesitate to register on this website. You will not regret it!


RANKED NUMBER 7 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS CRAIGSLIST. If you live in the United States, you’ve probably heard of this place or possibly used it to buy a product. Craigslist is currently one of the top 30 websites in the United States, and is the best place to sell, buy, and advertise your services quickly and for free.

It doesn’t matter what you want to sell because this website has an endless number of category lists that will allow you to put on sale almost any product or service: jewelry, crafts, mechanical services, insurance, etc. The free rate offered by Craigslist is characterized by being able to publish an ad for a product for free every 48 hours by geographic area, that is, every two days you will be able to publish an ad so that everyone close to you can see it and contact you.

On the other hand, it also has a very affordable paid advertisement plan, which includes all advertisements for the sale of vehicles or furniture and advertisements for services. The advantage of these plans is that despite having to pay for them, they guarantee that your ad will remain visible for 30 days and that many people close to your business will see it and be able to click on it. It is not a free option but it is so cheap and gives such good results that in the long run, it will make you win.


RANKED NUMBER 8 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE. Today everyone knows about the social network Facebook and its online product sales plan aimed at entrepreneurs or individuals. However, how many know that this same business plan can be used to advertise your company’s services free? Probably very few. The key to benefiting from the Facebook business platform without having to invest money in it is in the indirect advertising generated by the platform since all those users who have searched for something similar to what you offer will end up seeing an advertisement of yours in their suggestions of the day.

Therefore, from a simple initial announcement where you try to sell a product or a specific service, the platform will give you twice the visibility for free that will double your chances of success. Taking into account the millions of users this platform has, more than 800 million each month, and the amount of people who already use it to obtain some product or service instead of going directly to Google, betting on advertising on Facebook Marketplace is a safe bet. Bet on the giants of the internet and you will always win!


RANKED NUMBER 9 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS LOCANTO. Locanto is another one of those websites dedicated exclusively to free advertising that has a very good reputation, being already available in 60 countries altogether despite being based in Germany. As with other similar advertising platforms, such as Craigslist or Hoobly, on Locanto you can place an ad for almost anything: real estate, cars, services, events, job offers, etc.

However, the platform is particularly good at advertising to businesses looking to increase their clientele and generate online traffic, such as event and nightlife companies or online classes, so if you are a business owner and need to increase your presence in your community, don’t hesitate to come to this portal.

The platform will guarantee you visibility for 60 days and will bring you closer to all those people who live near your business, which increases the chances of customers willing to come to your business in-person to learn more about your services and you. The main objective of this website is to empower small business owners within their community, give them that boost they lack so that everyone who doesn’t know them feels interested in their work and recommends them to others. Do you have a business and want to make it grow without investing? Publish it on Locanto and you’ll be a winner!


RANKED NUMBER 10 IN OUR TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS PENNYSAVER USA. Your business specializes in local sales and your only aspiration is to increase your number of customers for your community without having to invest money for it? Then look no further and sign up now for PennySaver USA, the best place for free advertising for small local businesses.

Despite being a site with modest aspirations and that can’t offer the same results for entrepreneurs as other free online advertising sites, PennySaver USA can boast a huge community of registered people that already exceeds 10 million users per week across the USA.

And what is the key to its success? Its way of reaching people is through the use of email, so all those who already have an account on the portal will receive directly in their inboxes all the ads related to their categories of main interest. Do you want to reach every household in America directly and without having to pay a dollar for it? Advertise on PennySaver USA and you will get it!


RANKED 11TH AMONGTHE TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS THE LETGO PLATFORM, a place that offers a wide variety of services to all entrepreneurs looking to increase their visibility in the marketplace without having to spend a lot of money to do so. Also, at LetGo you will not only have the opportunity to place your ads for free, but you will also be able to participate in different discussion forums about the categories in which you specialize, which will allow you to meet other entrepreneurs with projects similar to yours and make yourself known for more than just an ad.

The platform has a fresh and very simple interface that will allow you to configure your ads for free quickly and without complications, being able to add photos, videos, and descriptions of each product and service without limitations. Also, the platform is linked to the main social media of the moment, so if your company has accounts open in other social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, do not hesitate to link them so that all your ads are published simultaneously through all of them.


AT THE PENULTIMATE POSITION IN OUR LIST OF TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS GOOGLE MY BUSINESS, another platform that the internet giant has created to facilitate the expansion of companies without having to pay for it. While it is true that Google has more advanced paid versions in which a monthly fee will always be required, it also offers the possibility for companies to register on its server and create product lists for free that users can easily find among their search results.

Through this tool, you can create lists of products and services, publish photos or videos, and even offer special offers that make your products more attractive. And all this for free, it’s worth trying!


AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR LIST OF TOP 13 FREE AD FORUMS IS CLOSE 5, a mobile application created in response to the growing need to be able to manage all the sales and purchases of products and services from our mobile device. From the application itself, we can post all our ads for free, chat with potential buyers, and carry out all the purchase and shipping transactions with total security.

Besides, it has an option that allows you to publish your ad so that it is only visible among those users who are closest to you, increasing the chances of selling and making it much easier to send. If you like to use your phone for everything and want to manage the sale of your products for free and conveniently, do not hesitate to register with Close5. The ideal app for those who want to sell and buy!


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